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Taking risks and knowing it’s OK to make mistakes …

As a writer at heart, I have choices on how I use my words. Now being human means that I’m not always having my words and my actions match up. That, to me, is called being in integrity with myself. I also know that I am a recovering perfectionist, almost to the point of obsessive-compulsive about writing.

What does that lead me toward? Analysis by paralysis. Not good.

So today’s question in The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30-Day Blog Challenge asks me: “What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?”

First, I let go of my preconceived and pre-programmed life messages that “I gotta work hard,” “I gotta push,” “I gotta struggle” and on and on. Second, I allow myself “inner freedom” to lead me into a place of total trust that this direction I’m heading into is a positive one. Third, I allow myself the right to see, touch, smell and feel the beautiful areas of this planet that I’ve been to before or new places to explore. Fourth, while doing all of these things, I never lose sight of what’s taking place in my business. Fifth, in order for me to have freedom in business and adventure in life, then I need structure. If I do not have structured time in my daily routine, then I’m screwed in more ways than one. (That’s just me, though.) Finally, my definition closes with a phrase I’ve heard a lot in the past number of years in my life. Doing a lot of soul work is a great thing … yet it can uncover some “truths” that one never knew about regarding life. The phrase is “Be gentle with yourself.” In my life, I want a healthy dose of gentleness … balanced with a desire to help others create words, phrases and content that make a difference in this online world.

Whew. That’s a lot.

So, we’ll meet again as Online Writing For You continues to manifest itself into a deeper reality.