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Location. I mean, we’re talkin’ about location …

Ah yes, nothing would be finer than to sit in a beachside condo, looking out at either the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean. Heck, even a condo near a lake would suit me fine, too.

So the task is around location independence and what it means to me. Rather, what’s my definition of location independence. OK, here goes.

Location independence means that I have a “home base” where I call “home,” yet have the freedom to travel across the country and around the globe to do business. Take trips. Meet friends. Make new friends. It means that I can choose (my choice) to either stay in a particular area for a long, long time … or be OK with bouncing around without having a lot of material possessions.

Location independence means that I am abundantly prosperous in whatever I do, give back to the world in a meaningful way, and receive a lot of joy and pleasure out of doing so.

Yes, it does mean having a laser-like mindset and focusing my brain on the track that fits my life.

My definition isn’t going to be like another person’s because we are all different in some way, shape or form. That’s OK.

At least I have some point from which to start … at least. 🙂

(P.S. — I have to tip my hat to Allen Iverson, who recently retired from the NBA after a lengthy career, as I “riffed off” of one of his classic press conference tangents for this blog entry’s title. He was, in his prime, one hell of a basketball player.)


The freedom question …

Having freedom to run a business and live a life not tethered to one “brick-and-mortar” place looks and feels a lot like how my own work/life mixture has been over the past few years.

One thing, though, has tripped me up … that lack of feeling free.

So in the spirit of honesty, if I woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything I wanted in my life (changing up the wording a bit for me) — what will I do and who will I be?

I am a human being sharing my own life experiences with others as a writer.

I am focusing on building up my business through helping clients that want clear, concise and solid content writing for their own businesses, whether they are a firmly established organization or a start-up.

I am having a “base” point to call home either in Portland, Oregon, somewhere in South Florida, southern California, or in the Texas Hill Country.

I am firmly putting in place my nonprofit organization “Heartfelt Smiles,” supporting the emotional growth and well-being of adults and children born with craniofacial issues.

I am firmly grasping the question (and continually ask myself), “What do I want to do with my life?” When I ask that question, though, it’s not solely from a 100 percent ego-driven place. It’s from an open-hearted, open-minded spot … yet its end goal is to help me discern what works and what doesn’t work in my online writing business.

Whew. That’s a lot, yet there it is.

Why I am doing the 30-day blog challenge …

Honestly, I wanted to do something that could be a “win-win” for the Universe and myself. When I speak of the Universe, I am talking about people in business, not in business, people who are on their own life journeys. Yet the bottom line is that many people want to write online, and many do a great job of it.

Some people probably could use some help. That’s where I look at Online Writing For You having an upside. I am a writer at heart, and have come to fully accept that part of myself. Much like many people, staying “on point” with my writing can become challenging. A-ha! Therefore, the 30-day blog challenge is challenging me to do this for 30 consecutive days. (And yes, I’ve missed some days already, yet there is hope!)

I want to get solid guidance and inspiration out of this blog challenge, take my writing skills (online writing, copywriting, content writing, etc.), and share with “thought agents” or agents of change. We all are agents of change, and can truly make a tremendous difference in life.

“Where do I start? Who do I trust? Will this work? Am I an idiot for doing this?”

Yes, I’m doing this to answer those (and many other) questions and quell the doubting voice of negativity in my cranium.

Well, let’s get busy writing online and make a difference for you and for me and for all the world to see.